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Orchestral Bells

      Hisey Bells Orchestral Bells are beautiful ships bells tuned for specific pitch and timbral qualities.   These bells have the bright metallic ring of a ships bell.  Orchestral Bells are designed to be mallet or stick rung and are for use on percussion tables, mounted on a stand, or for marching.  These bells can be custom tuned to any desired pitch you wish.  The bell shown in the photo above is an 8 inch diameter Bb and is used by the United States Air Force Band in Washington, DC.  Please call, write, or E-mail, for pricing and delivery timetables.

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Order by Phone!

Order by Phone! Just call (740) 333-7669,  9am. to 9pm. EST, Visa & Master Card accepted!

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Fax or Mail order!  Personal orders accepted!

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Have any questions? E-mail us at hiseybells@sbcglobal.net

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Please Call, or E-mail us if you have any questions concerning our bell sizes, text, options, pricing, or other details!

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Thanks - Dave Hisey, Bellfounder

Hisey Bells, 581 Capps Rd.   Greenfield, OH  45123

Phone (740) 333-7669,  Fax (740) 333-7769

David Hisey - Bellfounder

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