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Door Bells & Shop Bells

    Hisey Bells Door Bells are beautiful polished brass bells mounted on springy ornate hangers.   These bells attach to your entry door or gate and give a chime each time the door or gate is swung open.  They are available in two sizes, a small 2 inch bell which gives a light "twinkle" ring , and a 4 inch bell which has a "school bell" ring.  The hanger is made of brazed spring steel and will last a lifetime.  Door Bells make excellent gifts or keepsakes.

2 Inch Door Bell - $69.00 + $9.00 shp. & hnd.*

   4 Inch Door Bell - $109.00 + $18.00 shp. & hnd.*

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* Shipping and handling prices quoted are for the continental US, 48 states, please call, write, or email for other  locations.

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Order by Phone!

Order by Phone! Just call (740) 333-7669,  9am. to 9pm. EST, Visa & Master Card accepted!

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Fax or Mail order!  Personal orders accepted!

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Have any questions? E-mail us at hiseybells@sbcglobal.net

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Please Call, or E-mail us if you have any questions concerning our bell sizes, text, options, pricing, or other details!

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Thanks - Dave Hisey, Bellfounder

Hisey Bells, 581 Capps Rd.   Greenfield, OH  45123

Phone (740) 333-7669,  Fax (740) 333-7769

David Hisey - Bellfounder

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